Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have been to Sandakphu (Singalila route) more than twenty times but the last trip was certainly memorable.

We undertook the trip in November, 2008. The weather was fantastic. It was bright and sunny and the views from Tumling (the first night halt) and Sandakphu was brilliant. I had four Spanish
girls accompanying me - Maria, Rosalia, Jacinta and Ludi. Everyone's mood and spirit were lifted
sky high by the sheer magnificient views of Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Everest and other peaks like Pandim, Siniolchu, Makalu and Lohtse to name a few.

Right from the day we started our trip from Siliguri to Darjeeling and the next day walk from
Manebhanjan we were lucky. The sun shone all day which helped us to brave the chill in the wind.

In fact the day walks were very pleasant throughout the trek.

The most remarkable thing during the trip was the enthusiasm shown by the 60 year old lady in our group - Ludi - who I am sure was the most energetic person in our group. She always tried to stay ahead of us during the walk and at the same time had the enthusiasm and energy to organize games during the evening hours at the trekker's huts. We had long dance sessions too at the trekker's huts during the evening hours where Ludi participated with the same level of energy shown by the rest of the more younger group members.

Not to forget the great service of our guide and my friend Mingma Sherpa who was always there
with ideas and a helping hand. You can always rely on Mingma no matter at what altitude you are

in the Himlayas. I am sure the people who accompanied me in the past will vouch for that.

I tried to take some beautiful pictures I came across on the trek.